Program committee:

  • EMNLP: 2019 (outstanding reviewer), 2020
  • ACL 2020
  • ICML 2020
  • NeurIPS 2020
  • Workshops: RepL4NLP 2020 (at ACL), DeeLIO 2020 (at EMNLP)

Selected Talks


  • 01/2020 Evolution of Representations in the Transformer, keynote at AI & NLP track at Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Video
  • 08/2019 Inside the Transformer, Yandex Research Summit, Moscow, Russia (with David Talbot)
  • 07/2019 Machine translation: Analyzing multi-head self-attention, keynote at AIST 2019 (8th International Conference - Analysis of Images, Social networks and Texts), Kazan, Russia
  • 08/2018 Does NMT learn to solve NLP?, Yandex Research Summit, Moscow, Russia (with David Talbot)

Guest talks

Conference talks

  • ACL 2019: Analyzing Multi-Head Self-Attention: Specialized Heads Do the Heavy Lifting, the Rest Can Be Pruned, Florence, Italy Video
  • ACL 2018: Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation Learns Anaphora Resolution, Melbourne, Australia Video